Chapter II: Beneficiaries

Article (2): Health Insurance is subject to the following categories:

  1. all non-Saudi workers in the non-government sector.
  2. all persons who do not work in non-government sector, residing in the Kingdom.
  3. family members who are dependents of persons described in specific paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Article obtaining a residence permit in the Kingdom.
  4. all Saudis working in the corporate sector and private institutions and individuals work contracts concluded with them or what benefit the work and methods of installation, regardless of the form of pay that they earn (*)
  5. family members of the Saudi referred to in paragraph (4) of this Article as determined by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council (*)​

Article (3): excluded from health insurance provided for in Article (2) of this Regulation:

  1.     all employees of non-Saudi workers in the organs and institutions of government and does not provide the necessary employment contract to provide service access to health insurance coverage in accordance with the approved security documents.
  2.     family members who are dependents of staff members set described in paragraph (1) of this Article. It must be the range of treatment described in the paragraph above, at least in conformity with the provisions of Article (7) of the system and consistent with the level of quality set forth in Chapter IX of these Regulations. 

(* / **) Under the decision of the Council of Ministers, No. 206 on 15/8/1423 AH

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