​about the project that will be launched

To be in accord with the transformation in the health sector  generally in order to ensure that the health services are provided efficiently and with high quality through applying the best health practices. The aforementioned reflects the safety of the insured and improves their experience in developing qualification requirements for insurance companies and claims management companies.

the goals of the project

Raising the quality services level provided by insurance companies and managing the claims of the insured.
• Protecting  the rights of all parties of the insurance relationship.
• Applying international best practices in the field of qualifying insurance and claims management companies to practice the businesses of CCHI
• being compatible with the Kingdom's vision 2030.

the results

Ensuring  continuous quality monitoring of services at insurance and claims management companies.
Building Capacity for insurance and claims management companies to achieve the best services for the insured.
Ensuring the existence of online systems that have the ability to get linked with the council's systems, including (Uniplat system, HIDP system, SEM system, visitor system, premium  residency system, tourist system, etc.) and comply with cybersecurity regulations and conditions
Being Integrated with the relevant government agencies.

the targeted groups
The insurance and claims management companies. 

the main message
Improving the quality of services provided by the insurance and claims management companies.

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