About the project that will be launched 
The project provides standards and mechanisms that document and ensure the commitment of service providers to the application of medical coding for health services provided to the insured. It facilitates the exchange of data between the insurance company, the service provider and the Council, which has an impact on the ease of understanding and reading the medical file of the insured, the ease of building health records, and the possibility of making statistics on Diseases and health services effectively.

The goals of the project 
•Ensuring that the health provider will use the medical coding of the health services for the insured. 
•Ensuring that the process of exchanging information among the insurance company, the service provider & the Council. 
•Activating the medical coding to make it on of the possibilities of the e-transactions unified platform. “UNIPLAT”

The outcomes 
Ensuring that the appropriate coding criteria are being chosen for health services to produce the relevant Diagnostic Group (DRG)

The targeted groups
Insurance companies, health service providers, insured, researchers

The main message
Standardizing the procedures for describing health services through applying the unified standards for medical coding

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