About the project that will be launched
The current Unified Cooperative Health Insurance Policy is considered one of the best health coverages in the world and contains a set of benefits.
In order to improve and develop the package of benefits and coverages to include all new developments on the health front, especially preventive medicine, extended stay and family planning, considering the cost of insurance, this project will compare the current Health Insurance Policy with basic insurance policies around the world to come up with the best possible coverage and benefits that are in line with the best global practices.

The goals of the project
The initiative aims to improve the coverage of the basic Cooperative Health Insurance Policy to include additional coverages related to preventive medicine, extended stay and family planning, taking into consideration how to ensure that all the insured receive medical care.

The outcomes
Improving the coverages in the Cooperative Health Insurance Policy

The targeted groups
the insured 

The main message 
​The insured receives the required health care.


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