1. What the limits of insurance coverage?

The health insurance policy covers all expenses of medical examination, diagnosis, treatment and medication, except for the exceptions referred to in the CCHI unified policy. Coverage shall be in the range of benefits identified by the unified policy as follows:

No.Case LimitRemarks
1 HemodialysisS.R. 100 thousand
2 Traeting acute psychological cases S.R. 15 thousand
3 Daily accommodation and subsistence of patient S.R. 600 Shared room
4Pregnancy and delviery S.R. 15 thousand
5Returning deceased people to their home countryS.R. 10 thousand
6Eye glasses S.R. 400
7Dental treatment S.R. 2000
8Treatment for acquired heart valve diseaseS.R. 70000
9 Hearing aidsS.R. 6000
10 Alzheimer'sS.R. 15 thousand
11 Autism cases S.R. 15 thousand
12 Cost of obtaining/harvesting donor organS.R. 50 thousand
13 Disability cases S.R. 100 thousand
14Delivery of premature infants S.R. 500 thosuand
15Daily accommodation and subsistence for patient's company S.R. 150Shared room
16 Doctor's consultation S.R. 50 General practioner
 S.R. 200 Specialist (First locum tenent)
 S.R. 100 Specialist (Second locum tenant)
S.R. 300 Consultant
S.R. 500 Rare specialties


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