1. The employer shall conclude a contract with a qualified insurance company to provide cooperative health insurance for the Saudis and non-Saudis employees and their family members in the private sector.  
2. The employer shall provide all information requested by the insurance company. If the insurance company has reasonable justifications to doubt the accuracy of such information, it may refer the matter, along with the supporting evidences to CCHI. The employer shall, upon CCHI’s request, submit all necessary documents.
3. The employer shall be liable for any damages resulting from concluding health insurance policies issued by unlicensed entities, and CCHI may take legal action where such practices are established.
4. The employer shall deliver to the employee a copy of the health insurance policy, while explaining the policy and the insurance coverage limits for those covered.
5. If the employer does not subscribe or pay the cooperative health insurance premiums on behalf of his employees who are subject to the law and their family members covered by the cooperative health insurance policy, it shall pay all payable premiums in addition to a fine that is no more than the annual subscription premium, with the possibility of depriving the employer permanently or temporarily from outsourcing.
6. The employer shall be committed to provide insurance for GCC hires and their families covered by the health insurance law.
7. The employer may expand the scope of the health cooperative insurance services, under additional annexes, at an additional cost to include other diagnostic and treatment services.
8. The employer may change the insurance company to provide insurance coverage, under the condition that it shall forward a letter to that company at least one month before the date of required cancellation, and shall forward a copy of the letter to CCHI. The refundable portion of the insurance premium shall be calculated on a pro rata basis. The employer (policyholder) shall return the insurance cards on the cancellation date and sign another policy to provide insurance coverage to begin on the day following the date of cancellation of the old policy.
9. The employer return the insurance card to the insurance company when the beneficiary stops working for him or when the insurance policy is cancelled, and the employer shall be responsible for any expenses arising as a result of non-compliance with this requirement.
10. When a beneficiary moves to work for another employer, the new employer shall commit to provide insurance for the beneficiary as of the movement date, and provide a certificate of insurance as one of the justifications for sponsorship transfer.
11. The employer shall commit to provide insurance coverage for the beneficiary as of the arrival day to the Kingdom, and deliver the insurance card within no more than 10 working days as of the date of arrival.
12. The employer may not ask staff to share the payment for insurance premiums for their family members.
13. The employer is obliged to provide health insurance for the hires and their families during the probation period.
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