1. The employer shall carry out insurance coverage for the beneficiary as of the date of arrival to the Kingdom and deliver the insurance card within a period not exceeding ten working days as of the arrival date.
2. Use the health benefits specified in the policy as of the starting date of insurance coverage.
3. The maximum insurance coverage for every insured during the validity period of the policy is S.R. 500.000.
4. Using the healthcare services provided only by the network of health service providers attached with the insurance policy except in emergency cases.
5. In case the required medical service needs prior approval, the insurance company shall respond within 60 minutes as maximum as of the time of receiving approval request.
6. Recover the payments already paid directly in case of emergency treatment from the insurance company. This shall be calculated based on the prices offered by network of service providers accredited by the policy and shall not exceed 15 days as of filing the request.
7. Third parties shall not be eligible to use your health insurance card.
8. Insurance coverage expires upon passing away of the beneficiary or the expiry or termination of the policy or in case of final exit of the Kingdom.

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