Council of Health Insurance (CHI) launches CHI Excellence Award

Riyadh -

Council of health insurance (CHI) launches CHI Excellence Award, under the patronage of H.E Eng. Fahad AlJalajel, the minister of health and chairman of CHI, within the framework of CHI's strategy that aims to be a regulator entity that leads to empowering beneficiaries through the empowered sector that is spurred by quality, efficiency, and digital transformation.

The award aims to recognize the stakeholders in accordance with the highest standards in the private health insurance sector towards achieving quality and transparency and enhancing the culture of innovation in the sector. In addition to providing individuals with unparalleled contact opportunities.

CHI defined 11 categories for the excellence award that are competing in three main groups, which as: insurance companies, service providers, healthcare, and third party administrators (TPAs) companies. These are based on selective criteria and clear procedures evaluated by distinguished experts keen on careful selection and increasing competitiveness, which reflects positively on the sector in encouraging the provision of the best service with high quality and efficiency supported by innovative digital and technical solutions.

The prizes for the first category, which is insurance companies, includes six subcategories. The second category is for the health care providers, which also composed of four subcategories. The Health Insurance Council will award the third category prize to the best Third-party administrators, where prizes will be awarded to the best entity for each of the categories and their subcategories.

The spokesperson of CHI, Mr. Ahmed AbuAmara, talked about this award by saying “that the launching of CHI Excellence Award in its first edition aims to increase competition level in providing the best services, digital solutions, and innovative technologies, thus contributing greatly to the increased level of quality and efficiency. This reflects on beneficiaries' having their full rights of protection and care distinctively to achieve the third axis of the Council's strategy as a quality-driven sector and to improve sustainability and innovation in the competing sector."

AbuAmara clarified that the board has set competitive standards that motivate participants to do their best pending the evaluation of a referees committee that includes distinguished regents from neutral entities.


Last Update : 23/02/2022 01:38 م