With the Aim of Claim and Payment Governance and Enhance Transparency and Competitiveness CCHI launches Uniplat Project to Exchange Health Insurance Information

​​Within the framework of achieving Vision 2030 and from the perspective of raising the level of quality and efficiency of provided health care services in the health sector, The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has launched the first stage of the Uniplat Project to exchange health and insurance information related to insurance services (SHIB), in collaboration with Sehati for Information Technology Services LLC.
The platform aims at improving the level of health insurance services, governance of the financial claim and payment procedures, supporting the secure exchange of information related to insurance processes, creating a unified health record for the insured and reducing the cost and time of approval procedures, that serve to reduce malpractice that fall under the financial fraud practices, by linking all financial transactions between health insurance companies and health care service providers electronically.
The Secretary General of the CCHI, Dr. Shabab Bin Saad Al-Ghamdi, said that this project comes within the framework of the CCHI strategic objectives 2020-2024, that contribute to transforming the health care system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and aligning with the latest policies in the health insurance sector, by using modern technologies to raise and enhance the level and quality of provided health care services.  The Secretary General also indicated that the CCHI has put digital technology as a strategic choice to achieve a qualitative leap in the health insurance market industry, which serves to create innovative solutions and make the health care system at an advanced level and with high efficiency, which contributes significantly to reducing malpractices in the insurance sector.
The participants in launching the first stage are: Dr. Ibrahim Al Harfi (Deputy Secretary General of the Saudi Health Council "SHC"), Eng. / Hashem Abu Bakr (Director General of the National Health Information Center "NHIC"), Eng. / Abdullah Al Sharqi (Executive Director of the Digital Transformation in the CCHI), from Sehati for Information Technology Services LLC, Eng./ Ismail Al Ghamdi (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Dr. Abdullah Al-Amr (Board Member) and Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Mushrif (Executive Director), and representatives from the company that executed the first stage of the project (IQVIA), Mr. Alastair Granville (Regional President), Mr. John Morris, (Regional Vice President).​

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