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By approving the Unified Insurance Policy for the visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, CCHI aims to provide the esteemed visitors with secure healthcare services. That is, CCHI aims to secure a basic insurance coverage to those who have applied for an entry visa to the Kingdom for visit, visit extension or for passing, and for whom insurance coverage is approved by virtue of the policy.


This policy is divided into separate sections. The first section includes "definitions" that presents all explanatory terms mentioned next to each definition, wherever mentioned in the policy, its annexes or attachments.


The second section includes recoverable expenses, namely, the actual expenses incurred for services, supplies and equipment, and are not excluded by the third section of the policy. These expenses shall be prescribed by a licensed physician as a result of an illness suffered by the insured, and shall also be  necessary, reasonable and customary in relevant time and place.


Third Section – Limitations and Exceptions: referring to the claims resulting from the insured to be covered and the visitors' insurance policy cannot cover these claims, particularly health benefits in case of claims directly resulting from policy.


As for the general conditions of visitors' insurance policy, the fourth section includes 16 conditions to be fulfilled by those  eligible for insurance and their dependents applying for an entry visa to the Kingdom for visit, visit extension or for passing, as per provisions of ministerial resolution no. (180), dated 02/05/1435H.



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