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CCHI General Secretariat has issued a guide for e-system for developed health insurance policies. This guide has been adopted as one of the executive tools to activate the operation of e-portal. This is because the guide includes instructions and procedures that must be followed on each of health insurance policies’ operation. This guide is consistent with the vision of CCHI on the e-transformation of all insurance transactions with all parties of insurance relationship. This is attributed to CCHI's concern for investing in advanced technology to activate CCHI's role, to keep up with cultural and technological renaissance and to enhance performance of CCHI. Strategic partnerships with Elm Information Security Company were signed to provide developed electronic connection service for health insurance policies and oblige passports services procedures to link the issuance or renewal of residence permits with the information proving that the resident and his dependents obtained health insurance coverage. This is completed by transmitting health insurance data through electronic link between CCHI and Elm Company.
The e-portal services have been distributed according to the categories related to CCHI's work, namely (insurance companies, service providers, employers, and staff and members of CCHI). That is, comprehensive services are provided to these categories; interact automatically via interrelated and integrated systems. These services are  characterized by safety, ease and speed of delivery, and it allows the employees in private sector, the category targeted by Cooperative Health Insurance System, to inquire about their employers' subscription in health insurance for them and their families and to look for accredited health service centers and qualified health insurance companies all over the Kingdom. All service providers and insurance companies will be able to fulfill all their transactions electronically, such as dates of qualification licenses for health insurance companies and dates of accreditation licenses for service providers via activation of user name to log in the website by a confirmation e-mail of activation to be sent to user's email.

Last Update : 3/30/2017 11:40 AM


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