What is the SHIB

SHIB (Saudi Health Insurance Bus) is a national project, which will standardize the recording and reporting of health care services to insurance companies and enable stakeholders to electronically exchange health insurance transactions in a secure and reliable manner that will positively impact the patient and the health insurance market. 


How does it work?

SHIB is a Centralized network and processing system, which will connect all stakeholders to efficiently and effectively manage and monitor the standards-based information exchanges between Providers (HCP) and Health Insurance Companies (HIC) for the benefit of all stakeholders including the beneficiary.


SHIB Goals

  1. . Promote quality in the provision of services to patients and the parties in a timely manner by monitoring health insurance transactions and their compliance with the regulations
  2. . To regulate the health insurance sector in the Kingdom through the application of standards and policies
  3. . Reduce claims management costs for provider and insurance companies
  4. . Reduce fraud and misuse

SHIB Features

Connectivity: SHIB will electronically connect all payers and providers by creating digital health insurance community/network.
Interoperability: SHIB will implement and enforce nation al coding and transaction standards.Capability: SHIB will have the capacity to handle large number of transaction swiftly leveraging new technology and global best practices.
 SHIB will be secure at all layers (Physical, infrastructure, application, and data) ensuring patient confidentiality and business integrity.
SHIB will provide real time data for analysis and reporting specifically on both regulatory and fraud management.




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