The vision of CCHI is to be a global leader in prevention and enhance the quality and efficiency of health services for cooperative health insurance beneficiaries. 
The basic benefits package has a direct impact on the efficiency and quality of services provided to the beneficiaries. CCHI has updated the benefits package, increased coverage limits, and introduced an insurance drug formulary. Other changes include, but not limited to, the following:

•Focusing on beneficiaries' health protection 
•Health wellness promotion ​
•Women and children wellness 
•Improving beneficiaries’ physical ability and functions
•Quality of life​
•Reducing disease complications and adverse events
•Facilitating access to services

Because you are the beneficiary of this policy, and out of transparency, we would like to share with you the Final version to be enforced on 1-​October ​2022 .

To reach the Insurance Drug Formulary (IDF) list click her​​​

To submit a formulary request for addition of a medication or a diseases to the IDF, Kindly compete the form below and submit to: ​

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