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CHI to Participate in Digital Transformation Summit

Riyadh –

CHI is poised to partake in the Digital Transformation Summit, August 23rd-24th, Riyadh. The Summit will witness the presence of technology experts and over 200 attendees.


Enveloped within this Summit's embrace, CHI will cast a radiant spotlight upon its most illustrious digital transformation achievements, and the pivotal role of technology in streamlining health insurance transactions, fostering an elevated standard of care for CHI beneficiaries, and empowering insurers and service providers through harmonious integration of cutting-edge technological solutions.


The Summit aspires to captivate hearts and minds of technology experts hailing from diverse sectors within Saudi Arabia. They will discuss the latest cutting-edge techs and their surrounding developments, offering visionary insights to digital technology and innovation leaders from both public and private sectors. The discussions will focus on creative trends in the field of digital transformation.


The Executive Director of Technology and Digital Transformation, Eng. Faisal Alshammari, affirms CHI's unwavering commitment to partake in the Digital Transformation Summit in order to exchange experiences with technology experts regarding the latest advancements.


Alshammari eloquently affirms, “The Council's unwavering devotion to this Summit resonates with the strategic tapestry of digital transformation, presenting an auspicious opportunity to expand horizons of knowledge, embracing wisdom borne of modern experiences, especially with a large number of experts in attendance."


It is of notable significance that the forthcoming Digital Transformation Summit conference shall bear witness to the distinguished presence of pioneering technology innovators, architects of institutional solutions, early adopters, industry luminaries, and influential decision-makers. Collectively, they shall engage in meticulous analysis and profound deliberation, unraveling the intricate roadmap that shall navigate Saudi Arabia towards an imminent era of digital transformation.


Last Update : 8/23/2023 5:44 PM


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