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Using CCHI Gateway
The CCHI gateway (referred to herein as "gateway of the Cooperative Health Insurance Council or "gateway") is available for your personal use. Your access and use of this gateway is subject to the terms and conditions of use of this particular gateway and to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, your access and entry to this gateway shall be deemed as an unconditional approval to the terms and conditions of use whether you are a registered user or not, and this approval shall be in force as of the first use to this gateway.
As can be seen from the vision and mission of the Gateway, one of its most important objectives is to enhance awareness on health insurance, rules and regulations applicable to the citizens and residents in general and the parties to the insurance relationship, in particular. The gateway also aspires to provide a diverse spectrum of information that will help to enrich the culture of health insurance for the gateway’s visitors and navigators. Reliance on all published information remains limited to awareness and education, and any use of that information shall be a personal responsibility of the user.
The use of the gateway includes a number of terms and conditions which are subject to ongoing updates and changes as needed.  Any update or modification to these terms and conditions shall take effect immediately upon adoption by the gateway administration. This requires you to continuously review the Terms of Use and the disclaimers to see if there are any updates. Your continued use of this gateway means your complete familiarity and acceptance of any amendments to the terms and conditions of use, knowing that these Terms and Conditions include property rights, and the gateway administration is not required to announce any updates made on those conditions.
Restrictions on use:
By using the CCHI gateway, you acknowledge refraining from the following:
 Providing or uploading files that contain software, data, other information, or any other materials that are not owned by you or you do not have a license to use them.
 Using this gateway in any way to send any commercial or spam e-mails or any misuse of this type to the CCHI gateway.
 Providing or uploading files that contain viruses or corrupted data.
 Posting, advertising, distributing or disseminating materials or information that contain defamations, violations to the laws, pornographic or obscene materials or content contrary to the teachings of Islam or public morals, or any illegal materials or information through the CCHI gateway.
 Subscribing through the CCHI gateway in any illegal or illicit activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
 Promoting through the CCHI gateway any product or service that makes us committing a violation of any law or regulation in place in any field.
 Using any means, software or action to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper operation of the CCHI gateway.
 Carrying out any action that forms an unreasonable, large or improper load on the infrastructure of the CCHI gateway.
Using the links to the CCHI gateway:
 Except as noted below, transferring or copying any content of the CCHI gateway, or creating any electronic links of the CCHI gateway, or presenting any of these links in a frame shall not be permitted.
 CCHI gateway links may be posted on any other sites whose objectives and orientation do not contradict with the objectives, policies and frameworks of the CCHI gateway.
 The CCHI is not by any means a participant or linked in any way to any signs, logos, trademarks, services, or any other means used or appear on websites that are linked to this gateway or its contents.
 The CCHI maintains all rights to stop and block any link in any way from any site containing inappropriate, obscene, transgressive, pornographic, unacceptable or illegal content, or names, materials or information that violate any law or infringe any intellectual property rights, rights of privacy or publicity rights.
 The CCHI maintains the right to disable any link in any unauthorized form and does not bear any responsibility for the content available on any other website accessed through/from this gateway.
Protection against virus threats:
We make every effort to check and test the contents of this gateway at all stages of production. We recommend that you always run the anti-virus program on all the materials downloaded from the Internet. We are not liable for any loss, interruption or damage to your data or your computer, which may occur during connection to this gateway or when using materials coming from it.
The CCHI gateway, services, information, materials and vacancies available or which can be accessed through the gateway are provided for your personal on "as is" and "as available" bases without any declarations, promises or guarantees of any kind.
We cannot guarantee or be liable for any interruptions, errors or irregularities that may arise from the use of this gateway, its contents or any website linked to it - whether it is with/without our knowledge.
Any communications or information the user may send through this gateway shall not bear any rights regarding property rights or the right to confidentiality. Any use/interactive use on this gateway does not guarantee or does not meant to guarantee to user any rights, licenses or privileges of any type.
The waiver by CCHI of any right available or specified under these conditions in a certain place or occasion does not mean in any way an automatic and permanent disclaimer of any rights in other places and occasions.
Limits of liability:
Electronic services delivered by the CCHI gateway online and getting information about the various departments and government agencies are provided only to facilitate manual procedures. Therefore, you fully acknowledge that communications over the Internet may be subject to interference or interception by third parties, and that the gateway does not replace the information provided by official agencies, and that requests and administrative procedures may be taken directly before the competent authorities.
Therefore, referring to this gateway is your own responsibility. We are not by any means responsible for any loss or damage of any kind you may incur due to using visiting the gateway or relying on any statement, opinion, announcement in the gateway. We shall not be held responsible for any consequences regarding any delay in operation or interruption of communication or Internet access problems, or from malfunctioning equipment or programs, behaviour or thoughts expressed by anyone accessing this gateway. Thus, you acknowledge and agree that your exclusive and only means for the treatment of any damage or loss that may occur as a result of your access or use of this gateway is to refrain from the use or access or not to continue to do so.
Hereby you acknowledge not to take any action against the CCHI or any of its departments, and to relieve and secure them against liability. This acknowledgment shall include any agencies, staff or agents who are responsible for the management, maintenance, update or the introduction of the CCHI gateway. You also acknowledge to relieve them against all obligations and liabilities that may be incurred in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you to the terms and conditions of use or to any applicable laws, whether in Saudi Arabia or the place where you reside.
Termination of use:
We may at our sole discretion terminate, restrict or stop your right to access and use the gateway without notice and for any reason These reasons may include violation of the conditions and terms of use or any other conduct we may consider illegal or harmful to others. In the event of termination, you will not be authorized to access this gateway.
Property Rights:
This gateway is technically supervised by Information Technology Department, which is subsidiary to the CCHI in Saudi Arabia. All materials available on this gateway, including images of information and software (contents) are protected by copyright, trademark and other forms of property rights.
Because one of the main objectives of the gateway is to promote awareness and enrich the culture of health insurance for the gateway users and visitors, only the personal and  non-profit use are permitted to benefit from the gateway content and any information posted on it provided that a reference shall be made that the CCHI gateway is the source of the content and information.
On the other side, it may not in any way be permitted to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, download, promote, transfer, distribute, display publicly, edit or create works derived from any material or content of this gateway to the public or for commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of CCHI.
It is strictly prohibited to modify any of the gateway contents. The graphics and images on this gateway are protected by copyrights law, and may not be reproduced or utilized in any way, without the prior written consent of CCHI.
Judicial reference:
You hereby agree to submit to the exclusive judicial authorities in Saudi Arabia in respect of all claims and disputes arising from your use of this gateway. It is worth noting that the Arabic language is the official language to be used to resolve any disputes arising from your use of the Gateway or any of its contents.
General terms and conditions:
• All materials and information available on the gateway are for awareness and non-profit purposes.
• Arabic is the official language to use and take advantage of all materials published on the gateway. The translation of any of these materials is aimed to provide an added service. Therefore, translation may not be relied on in the interpretation of any disagreement regarding the contents of the gateway.
• All regulations and laws published on the gateway, both for the CCHI or other agencies, may be subject to translation for more benefit.  The Arabic version of all these laws and regulations remains the basic reference, and therefore their translation cannot be relied on for extracting any information or details.
• The gateway includes a number of e-participation channels and tools such as polls, voting system, subscriptions, SMS services and toll-free phone around the clock.
• The gateway administration developed a number of standards and restrictions on the use of all e-participation channels to ensure the highest desired benefit. Your use of these channels is considered a permanent approval of the standards and restrictions.
• CCHI has the full right to delete or not to publish any comments or posts from gateway users which the gateway administration deems inappropriate.
• If you have any questions or opinions about our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, you may contact the gateway administration via email:

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