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CHI signs a collaboration agreement with Seha Virtual Hospital


On Monday, the 2nd of Dhu al-Qi'dah 1444 AH, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Council of Health Insurance “CHI" and Seha Virtual Hospital. The aim of the agreement is to establish strategic partnerships that will be effective and sustainable, and will contribute towards the realization of the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, as well as facilitate the exchange of experiences. 


The agreement was signed by Dr. Nasser Aljehani, Executive Director of Enablement and Supervision at CHI, and Eng. Kalid Alqammash, CEO of Seha Virtual Hospital, at CHI's headquarters. It provides for certain terms that aim to promote virtual healthcare through technology and digital transformation, achieve sustainability and innovation, and enable beneficiaries to access high-quality and efficient healthcare services.


Under the agreement, the CHI can seek medical opinions from Seha Virtual Hospital for beneficiaries of the Cooperative Health Insurance Law who require specialized medical advice. The process will involve a specific mechanism and requirements that prioritize transparency and fairness, ensuring thorough study of medical cases. 


According to the official spokesperson of the CHI, Dr. Nasser Aljehani, the agreement with Seha Virtual Hospital will improve the quality and efficiency of work, particularly in obtaining specialized medical opinions. 

Aljehani clarified that the CHI will refer medical cases of beneficiaries covered under the Cooperative Health Insurance Law to Seha Virtual Hospital for specialized medical opinions. The hospital will ensure the cases are presented to a consultant with expertise in the relevant medical specialty, who will study the case and provide a medical opinion. It's worth noting that doctors who provide opinions on cases referred by the CHI do not work with insurance companies, and are board-certified in their respective specialties.

Aljehani pointed out that once the specialist doctor has studied the complaint and case in detail, they will respond with a comprehensive explanation using a form approved by the CHI. The response will include guidance and medical justifications based on clinical evidence. The CHI will be informed of the medical opinion within one working day for approval, after which further procedures can be completed with the relevant insurance parties.


Last Update : 5/22/2023 6:34 PM


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