The Council of Health Insurance completes the first phase of linking to NPHIES platform

Riyadh -

The National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (NPHIES) in the Council of Health Insurance has completed its first phase of governance of health insurance sector, and completed about 8.4 million process, among more than 140 entities.


The General Secretariat of the Council of Health Insurance celebrated the inauguration of The National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (NPHIES) during January 2021 in the presence and participation of a number of success partners from service providers and insurance companies, who were briefed on the features of the NPHIES platform concerned with facilitating the exchange of health information for patients, sharing financial and administrative data, and providing visibility and transparency for all beneficiaries.


NPHIES platform, which won the Golden Award for Excellence in Project Management as the best project for the year 2021, by the Project Management Institute in Saudi Arabia, has accomplished a series of successes in line with its role in serving the beneficiaries, by stimulating the digital and technical transformation in the sector.


The platform provides health services through the unified health record of the patient in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided, reduce the cost and time of providing these services and improve health care decision-making, in addition to the insurance services represented in the governance of health insurance services by linking all stakeholders in the health insurance sector with the aim of improving the efficiency of services and reducing the cost and time of providing health insurance services.


The linkage rate in the health insurance sector through The National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (NPHIES) was about 65 percent with more than 140 entities that varied between insurance companies, health service providers and third-party administrators (TPAs).


Eng. Abdullah AlSharqi, Executive Director of the Technology and Digital Transformation Department at the Council of Health Insurance, explained that the completion of the first phase of NPHIES project  has resulted in many positive results,  which contributes to raising quality and efficiency to enable beneficiaries to obtain their full rights to full care and protection in the easiest and best way.


AlSharqi said: "We strive to implement digital and smart technology programs to contribute to enhancing the digital transformation axis of the Council's strategy (2020-2024) in the sector and improving the effectiveness of the regulatory environment."


He added, "What we have seen in the first phase of NPHIES is something that encourages proceeding to complete the rest of the linkage phases and achieve other results to enhance the quality and efficiency and cover the entire sector.


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