nphies Activation

​​​In line with the endeavor to develop the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to achieve the Kingdom's vision 2030, the Council of Health Insurance and the National Health Information Center, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, launched nphies platform to facilitate the exchange of health information for patients. As an interest of the Council of Health Insurance to ensure the importance for the entities to follow the integration and release plan, the Council of Health Insurance obliges the entities of the first wave to comply, starting from the beginning of September 2021.


The integration and release plan of nphies includes five stages, leading up to the official launch, starting with the Preparation stage, where was communicate with Healthcare Providers, Insurance Companies and Third-Party Administrators followed by the holding of several awareness meetings which aim to  introduce nphies platform and its benefits in the case of integration and this stage is known as the Awareness stage, then there was working on onboarding them to link with nphies, which is in the Onboarding stage and as for the Facility readiness stage, several training courses were held to explain and clarify the medical codes and to ensure the technical readiness. The last stage included the Activation stage, which contains a set of procedures and tests to ensure the success of the connection with the platform which are expected to be completed by Healthcare providers, Insurance Companies, Third-Party Administrators and System Suppliers to obtain a certificate of integration with the nphies platform. (For more information please find nphies platform guide).


 We would like to encourage all participants to complete the integration procedures for all platform services in  the insurance services (EligibilityPre-AuthorizationFinancial Claims) in all compliance with the provisions of nphies platform.

For more information, please visit: https://www.cchi.gov.sa/en/Uniplat/Pages/default.aspx​

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