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Council of Health Insurance (CHI) Trained More than 170 Male and Female for The job Market


Riyadh, 14 December 2021

The Council of Health Insurance has enhanced its role as a progressive leading regulator that has the capability to empower Saudi youth, by supporting them through on-the-job training (Tamheer Program) as a part of CHI strategic objectives in activating social responsibility.


In conjunction with the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), CHI contributed by training many Saudi graduates from local and global universities, to give them an opportunity to gain the required skills to prepare them for the job market. In return, the Council of Health Insurance was honored by the Riyadh Chamber and the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) for being one of the leading authorities in training and attracting talents. In addition to investing in human capital capabilities and providing the opportunity for on-the-job training in various fields.


The Council of Health Insurance (CHI) gave priority to Saudi youths in hiring them by building a well-structured training program and giving them all the support they needed to help them to fulfill the internal recruitment procedures and requirements by the end of their training period. The job competition demonstrates its desire to empower Saudi youths and improve their opportunities to serve our country, which aligns with the 2030 vision in investing in he human capital, supporting Saudi youths, and refining their skills.


The number of youths who were trained have exceeded more than 170 trainees with over 40,000 training hours from various universities and specialties that are disciplines within Tamheer program. CHI is aiming to increase these number in the coming years and to invest more in the human capitals.


For its part, the official spokesperson for the Council of Health Insurance (CHI), Mr. Ahmed Abuamara, stressed the role of the executive management of human resources and support services in activating many initiatives that serve fresh graduates as part of its role in social responsibility. He said: "Tamheer program is one of the most important programs for training and preparing young Saudis." It is one of the distinguished initiatives that took a place between the Riyadh Chamber and the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to enable the younger generation of our country to acquire the necessary skills in preparing them to take their practical positions in both government and private sector. "


He added, "The CHI is looking forward to act its role in training and empowering fresh graduates, and acquisitioning talent to work officially according to the needs and capabilities of the required specializations."


The official spokesperson of CHI concluded his speech by addressing the importance of engaging the younger Saudis and enabling them to serve their country through training, mentoring, and preparing them for the job market.


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