Council for Health Insurance imposes a number of penalties on employers

Council for Health Insurance issued number of penalties on numerous employers for not complying with the bylaw of the health insurance, and the Council explained that these penalties came as a result of establishing the violation according to its databases, with regard to not providing health insurance for their workers and their family members’ which whom should be included based on the health insurance policy. The charged employers were previously warned many times.

The Council stressed what is stipulated in Article 14 of the health insurance system, “that if the employers do not register or pay the fees of the health insurance membership on behalf of their workers and their family members to whom this system applies, then they are obligated to pay all the installments due, in addition to to the payment of a fine not exceeding the value of the annual membership for each individual, with the possibility of depriving the worker from recruiting workers again for a permanent or temporary period.

Through imposing sanctions, the Council for Health Insurance is keen to enhance its role as a regulatory and legislative body that seeks to preserve the rights of the insured and members of his family, and to ensure raising the percentage of stakeholders’ commitment to the health system, as part of its work to enable beneficiaries to obtain their rights of full care and protection, within the framework of Efforts to achieve its strategy 2020-2024.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Council for Health Insurance, Mr. Ahmed Abu Amara, confirmed the council’s keenness to enable the beneficiaries to obtain their rights and to perform its role as a legislative and oversight body that ensures compliance with regulations and laws. The efficiency of the services provided to the beneficiaries, and the improvement of sustainability and innovation in the sector. In this regard, we encourage all employers to adhere to the health insurance bylaw and to ensure their employees and their family members rights of being health insured to whom this system applies. 



Last Update : 10/02/2022 10:30 م