HE Minister of Health sponsored the launching of National Platform for Health Information Exchange Services (NPHIES)

Wednesday 02 Feb 2022


Under the patronage of H.E. Eng. Fahad Al-Jalajel, Minister of Health, the official initiate of National Platform for Health Information Exchange Services (NPHIES) start the health insurance services and Unified Health file. The agreement to operate NPHIES was signed between Lean Business Services are represented CEO of Lean Eng. Mohanned Al-Rasheed, and Sehaty Company are represented by CEO of Sehaty Eng. Faisal Al Akshan. The agreement was signed in the presence of Secretary General of Council of Health Insurance (CHI), Dr. Shabab bin Saad Al-Ghamdi, H.E. Secretary-General of Saudi Health Council (SHC), Dr. Nahar bin Mazki Al-Azmi, Deputy Minister for E-Health & Digital Transformation, Eng. Abdulaziz Hamad Al-Ramaih, Director General of National Health Information Center, Mr. Waleed Al-Bahli, and the partners and operators of NPHIES, Sehaty, and Lean Business Services alongside the technical exhibition "LEAP," currently taking place in Riyadh.

For his part, H.E Eng. Fahad Al-Jalajel confirmed that they're seeking to move forward towards achieving the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 by upgrading health services and enhancing quality and efficiency using digital technology solutions.


HE Al-Jalajel pointed out that the launch of Unified Health file is one of the parts of the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia to promote sustainability in response to its role in linking the parties to the relationship within the sector and providing data in the easiest way.

 Secretary-General of Council of Health Insurance (CHI) Dr. Shabab Al-Ghamdi affirmed that the use of the latest technologies is a must to support the digital and technical transformation, which is needed to provide efficient and quality services to beneficiaries. Dr. Al-Ghamdi also said: "The Unified file will contributes in the governance of health insurance services by linking all stakeholders in the sector and helps to improve health care decision-making at the highest qualifications, the beneficiary's satisfaction, and enhance the efficiency."

H.E. Secretary-General of Saudi Health Council (SHC) Dr. Nahar bin Mazki Al-Azmi, confirmed the importance of this fruitful and constructive cooperation with Sehaty, Council of Health Insurance, and Lean Business Services in creating NPHIES platform for the clinical services that will provide an electronic health file to all citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Abdullah Al-Sharqi, Chief Digital Transformation Officer and General supervisor of NPHIES project, mentioned that the first phase of the Unified Health File will be completed within 24 months, including several operations on the path of health insurance transactions. It currently reaches more than 12 million transactions, and we aim to reach more than 100 million transactions in the first year.

Eng. Abdullah Al-Sharqi explained that NPHIES platform aims for continuity of care and coordination by enabling doctors, health care providers, and relevant stakeholders, including the beneficiary of the service to have a unified integrated digital view of the health service beneficiaries' files, including all visits made to medical facilities. This is done through previously approved interoperability standards and policies.

For his part, General Manager of National Health Information Center Mr. Waleed Al Bahli, indicated that this event represents an important breakthrough in the most important goals of digital transformation in the health sector. It is to start building the unified health file, and this enhances the use of data and technology to enhance the management of population health and improve the quality of health care for all beneficiaries.

On his part, CEO of Lean Business Services Eng. Mohanned Al-Rasheed said: "The Company is proud of its vital role in Saudi Arabia's health system, which comes to achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and the goals of the health sector transformation program." Lean is honored to have contributed to the improvement and development of health services, mainly through building and managing health service platforms such as Sehaty, Health, and Anat. Lean also continues this journey by working on National Platform for Health Information Exchange Services (NPHIES) platform to achieve its goals of raising the quality of services, continuity of care, and enabling access to health information.


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