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CHI issues 14 penalties against health insurance companies

Riyadh  -


    The Council of Health Insurance (CHI) announced that the committee in charge of investigating violations of the Cooperative Health Insurance Law's provisions has imposed 14 penalties totaling 2,719,100 Saudi riyals on a number of qualified health insurance companies for violating the Cooperative Health Insurance Law and failing to comply with CHI's implementing regulations and instructions.


    The imposition of penalties, according to CHI, was in accordance with the rules, regulations, and laws that the Council is eager to implement, in line with its supervisory role and as part of its continued efforts to be a leading regulatory authority seeking to improve the quality and efficiency of care and empower beneficiaries to have access to their full rights of care and protection.


     The Council of Health Insurance is committed to providing the best healthcare services to its beneficiaries, which necessitates a higher level of commitment from all parties involved in the health insurance relationship in order to achieve the desired sector integration.


    CHI Spokesman Dr. Nasser Al-Juhani highlighted that the council strives to facilitate all difficulties  facing the parties to the insurance relationship through a number of regulatory procedures applied by the CHI laws and implementing regulations.


    He pointed out that the Council has taken all necessary legal action against the parties falling under the jurisdiction of the CHI to achieve the highest levels of compliance and the implementation of the best standards, enabling beneficiaries to acquire their full entitlements quickly and conveniently.



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