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The Council of Health Insurance awarded gold and bronze in the “Transform” international award

Riyadh -

The Council of Health Insurance (CHI) has won two awards (gold and bronze) from the International Transform Awards on the Middle East and Africa region.

The award granted CHI "Gold" award for Best Brand Evolution Strategy , which is dedicated to the brand that conveys its identity to the future while preserving the links of the past and taking into account the development in a clear and innovative way.

Whereas the “Bronze" award has been granted for the Best Visual Identity in the Public Sector, which is for the best overall identity developed and used by the brand, including all the visual aspects of changing the brand from the logo to the font.

As for "Transform", it is the only global award that recognizes innovation in brands, for both large global organizations, or small local ones. It gives ratings for the best brand work in the Middle East and Africa region, according to certain criteria that has been issued to measure and distinguish work in the region.

Mr. Rakan AlThunayan, the Executive Director of the Department of Communication and Excellence in Customer Service at Council of Health Insurance (CHI), stressed that CHI being distinguished by the two Global Transform Awards is an extension of a series of successes that it achieved, and to its commitment to implement its strategy which aims to being a global leader in enabling sustainability and creativity.

AlThunayan said: “We were pleased a few months ago to launch the new identity of the Council of Health Insurance (CHI), with the aim of strengthening efforts to empower stakeholders and enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare services provided to beneficiaries through an organized environment that based on prevention and achieving transparency, justice, quality and efficiency, which was positively reflected through the new identity that came along with many successes on global and local levels, and the latest of which is the two Transform Awards."

AlThunayan explained that the identity of CHI is in line with the objectives of its strategy to enable the insured beneficiaries to obtain full care and protection and to improve sustainability and innovation by working as an entity capable of flexibility, learning and catalyzing digital transformation in the sector, noting that this was clearly reflected through a package of programs and initiatives to achieve enabled sector.



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