The Health Insurance Council launches the “Dhaman Fund”



The Health Insurance Council launches the (Dhaman Fund), whose approval was issued earlier by the Council Board of Directors.


The establishment of the Dhaman Fund aims to cover expenses that exceed the insurance coverage specified under the health insurance policy for the specified facilities in accordance with specific procedures and controls in coordination between the Council and the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, which is positively reflected in the process of reducing risks for health insurance companies and contributes to reducing the cost of the insurance policy for employers, in addition To ensure that the beneficiaries of the insured are treated even if the upper limit of insurance coverage is exceeded, strengthen the regulatory and legislative environment for the sector, and improve sustai​nability and innovation in the private health insurance market.


For his part, the official spokesman for the Health Insurance Council, Ahmed Abu Amara, confirmed that the establishment of the Dhaman Fund came to harmonize the application of health insurance risk prevention portfolios by not placing additional financial burdens on the parties to the relationship.


Ahmed Abu Amara said that the Dhaman Fund is in line with the council's strategy to enable beneficiaries to obtain the necessary health care, provide full protection to employers, and enable them to insure their employees at a lower cost while reducing risks for insurance companies while guaranteeing the rights of service providers, which enhances the comprehensiveness of health coverage. In addition to that verifying the distribution of risks by the principle of cooperation, and contributing to increasing the efficiency of coverage for health insurance beneficiaries.

Last Update : 20/10/2021 02:23 م