Up to the end of 2020…. CCHI: Extension of Telemedicine and Children Immunization Services Through Homecare


The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) issued a circular to all the insurance companies and healthcare services providers including a notice to extend the approval of telemedicine service coverage, and children immunization service through health homecare within the benefits of the Unified Health Insurance Policy, until the end of 2020. The official spokesperson of CCHI, Yasser Al-Maarak, said that this decision is in line with the tireless efforts exerted by the Kingdom to confront the implications of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to the continued demand for the telemedicine services and children immunization through the homecare services, remarking that this decision will contribute to achieving CCHI strategic objectives enabling the insured persons from the segments targeted by the system to obtain the full protection and coverage. As well as it will enable the health insurance companies and the service providers to raise their service level to the beneficiaries under advanced regulations and policies, in addition to improving sustainability and innovation in the sector.  In this regard, Al-Maarak clarified that the number of the telemedicine services beneficiaries has reached more than 14090 insured persons, while the number of the children immunization services beneficiaries through the homecare has reached more than 5472. Furthermore, Al-Maarak called upon all the qualified insured companies and approved healthcare services to the necessity of using their official communication channels to aware their customers about the procedures, calling the insured persons and beneficiaries for make use of the communication channels, which become available by CCHI to answer all the questions and receive the comments, suggestions and complaints through the unified number: 920001177, the e-portal www.cchi.gov.sa, e-mail: infocchi.gov.sa, and the smartphones application, in addition to CCHI official pages on social media platforms: (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).


Last Update : 21/07/2020 11:21 ص