Identity and Residency Cards are the Sole Basic Identifier When Visiting Health Care Provider

​​​​In order to facilitate and enhance access for the insured to the health care as easily as possible, as well as improving the customer's satisfaction experience, the citizen ID card and the resident's residency card will be the sole basic identifier of the insured when visiting the health service provider starting from 1-1-2020G.
The Council called upon all insured persons who are working in the private sector and their family members to make use of the Council communication channels where all inquiries are responded, observations are recorded and complaints are received through the electronic portal: www.cchi.gov.sa, the unified number 920001177, the e-mail: info@cchi.gov.sa, or the smart phone app, as well as the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) on the official pages of the Council cchiksa. ​

Last Update : 12/01/2020 12:05 م