“Easier for You” Campaign CCHI communicates approving the personal ID instead of health insurance card

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) launched the “Easier for You" Campaign to communicate approving the personal ID for citizens (and Iqama for residents) as the basic identifier for the insured upon visiting a health care provider as from 1st of January 2020. The secretary general of CCHI, Dr. Shabab bin Saad Al-Ghamedi, said:  “The insured does not need to show the health insurer's card any more upon visiting a health care provider. It is enough to show the national ID (for citizens) and Iqama (for residents) as the basic identifier for the insured. The campaign will continue for two months titled “Easier for you" as this action aims at preserving the insured rights through receiving the health insurance services smoothly and easily besides keeping up with the digital transformation in the health insurance private sector.

The campaign included a number of media channels, either radio, TV, press or social media platforms. Some messages of the campaign have been designed in 6 languages (Arabic, English, Urdu, Filipino, Hindi, and Bengali). Moreover, the media communication efforts exerted by the health insurance caravan which continued reaching the major health care providers in a number of KSA cities and regions to explain such updates and developments in the health insurance private sector. In addition, raising the awareness about the cooperative health insurance law, the executive regulations and the unified policy in order to reinforce the health services quality by improving the private health insurance efficacy. It is possible to inquire about the insured's health insurance status via CCHI's website through entering the national ID number (for citizens) or Iqama number (for non-Saudis)." Al-Ghamedi invited the insured to contact with CCHI and use the available contact channels to have answers on all questions, receive remarks, suggestions as well as filing complaints via the CCHI's e-portal or the unified number: 920001177, E-mail: Info@cchi.gov.sa or the smart phones application besides the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) on CCHI's official pages:  cchiksa​

Last Update : 13/01/2020 02:39 م