With Participation of 721 Specialists from Health Insurance Sector CCHI Holds Tele-Workshop to Discuss Minimum Data Standards


The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) in collaboration with the Saudi Health Council (SHC) that is represented by the National Health Information Center (NHIC) held a (Tele) workshop titled “The Minimum Data and its Uploading Mechanism”, with participation of more than 721 specialists in data, statistics, information technology and medical coding representing various health insurance companies, health care service providers and some specialized companies in the health care sector.
The Secretary General of the CCHI, Dr. Shabab bin Saad Al-Ghamdi, said that the workshop aims to expand the participation of the relevant entities, take their views and observations in order to raise the level of health insurance market, exchange experiences, provide assistance in overcoming difficulties and challenges if any, enhance communication with sector partners and explain the new policies and initiatives related to the CCHI Strategy 2020-2024.
The workshop aims also to apply the data coding standards and their optimal use, enhance health service quality, cost against quality and efficiency, and build performance indicators of private health insurance based on unified databases.
Al-Ghamdi pointed out that the workshop covered several areas, including the requirements and details of the minimum data (mds), data structure and its uploading mechanisms, data quality indicator, the role of coding in improving the health insurance sector, an overview of the SHC and NHIC and a brief explanation of each coding and classification standard and how to use it.
Al-Ghamdi emphasized that the work of the CCHI is proceeding normally and has not been affected by the precautionary measures that the current circumstances impose due to the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19).
He indicated that the CCHI and since an early time has invested in the technical development and developed its working mechanisms to be ready for any contingency, which contributes to maintaining the continuity of the CCHI work during times of crisis and emergencies.
He also pointed out that the CCHI has launched a campaign titled "Stay Home.. All Our Services are in Your Hands" to introduce its electronic services to all beneficiaries (the insured by health insurance companies and health care service providers) and to learn about the channels through which all transactions are done electronically and auditors do not have to bear the burden of coming to the CCHI headquarters.
Among these important channels: the unified phone number of the Customer Service Center (920001177) or the website of the General Secretariat (www.cchi.gov.sa), the smart phone App (CCHIKSA) and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) on the official pages of the CCHI (CCHIKSA).​

Last Update : 06/07/2020 12:31 م