•  Access to health care services by network service providers attached to the insurance policy only, except in case of emergency.
  •  Access to health benefits specified in the documen​t from the beginning of insurance coverage.
  •  Selection of additional health coverage amounts of money to be added to the value of the premium.
  •  Carrying amount of endurance / participation in the payment / Alavttaa specified in the Act with the service provider and obtain a receipt.
  •  Carrying amounts in excess of the limits of insurance coverage.
  •  Recovery of the amount of money paid directly in the case of necessary medical treatment from the insurance company, according to the limits laid down the border and paid by the company to a provider with a similar level.
  •  End of insurance coverage or the death of the beneficiary at the end of a document or canceled, or when you leave the country permanently.
  •  Return the insurance card to the insurance company at the end of insurance coverage.
  •  Not to allow others to use his insurance card.
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