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The Council of Health Insurance hold the first iHub innovation accelerator conference focusing on the Health and Insurtech sectors.

Riyadh - 

The Council of Health Insurance held its first conference as part of the Health Insurance Innovation Accelerator (iHub) - in partnership with Plug and Play Middle East this Tuesday, June 21st, Riyadh, which will welcome local and international thought leaders in the field of technology, health and health insurance.


Participants in the conference will discuss how to build successful innovation ecosystem, with the aim of linking the entire health insurance system and enabling innovation in the field of health insurance technology, in addition to exploring opportunities for innovation and cooperation to invest in them and finding solutions to the challenges facing digitization in the health industry in the Kingdom while promoting the search for new innovative solutions to improve the sector and facilitate its transactions.


The conference agenda highlights several aspects, most notably the impact of insurance technology on the health insurance sector, and the launch of the first innovation accelerator for private health insurance technology in the region.


For his part, The Secretary-General of The Council of Health Insurance, Dr. Shabab AlGhamdi, mentioned "we welcome all the participants in the first conference of the health insurance innovation accelerator (iHub) from both inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and stressed that the conference comes within the efforts exerted by CHI and its quest to be a leading regulatory body working to enhance the quality and efficiency of the health services. for beneficiaries and catalyzes digital transformation, sustainability and innovation.


He explained that the conference discusses how to build a successful private  health insurance system that helps to enable the digital health transformation, which contributes to improving and enabling the sector and enhancing its services, which will reflect positively on the economy in general, noting that the conference will have number of discussion sessions between the founders of local and international stratups in the health insurance technology and number of investment fund which would result in expanding the search for new innovative solutions.




While the Executive Director of the Technology and Digital Transformation at the Council of Health Insurance, Eng. Abdullah AlSharqi, stated “the first conference of the Health Insurance Innovation Accelerator (iHub) is a good opportunity for startups to help in improving the health care outcomes within the health insurance sector and developing an ecosystem for the health technologies by competing to launch its digital products and highlight its new and innovative emerging technologies, which helps to grow in the Saudi market. He expected that, in light of the conference, many agreements and deals would be concluded that would have a major role in improving the sector.


Saeed Amidi, CEO and Founder of Plug and Play, said: We are proud to be taking part of the first-ever iHub innovation conference and to be supporting CHI in officially kicking-off the region's first health insurance open innovation platform. This launch will not only allow us to cement our commitment to the Kindgom's Vision 2030 innovation journey but will also provide Plug and Play with the right access needed to bring exceptional healthtech & Insurtech startups to Saudi Arabia and the ability to develop a unified & sustainable marketplace for startups to support the Kingdom's healthcare community. 

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