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Procedures for obtaining temporary accreditation for service providers who have telemedicine and telemedicine activity

Procedures for obtaining temporary accreditation for service providers who have telemedicine and telemedicine activity

Updating the procedures for obtaining temporary accreditation for service providers who have telemedicine and telemedicine activity​


Request for temporary accreditation by the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance to provide tele-care and telemedicine
طلب اعتماد مؤقت من قبل مجلس الضمان الصحي لتقديم خدمة الرعاية عن بعد و الطب الاتصالي.pdf

Service Providers who have temporary accreditation to provide telemedicine and telemedicine​

Register​ no. Facility Region City Phone
2700012613Almashura Clinics for Medical CareMeccaTaif 0507316661
1 278Family Care Hospital RiyadhRiyadh920024111
140000​5103Bari Alkaws Medical Organisation RiyadhRiyadh112477724
1157Alahli Hospital - AlkhafjiEastern ProvinceKhafji137661111
17989Al-Osrah Medical CompanyRiyadhRiyadh920006232
18267Dammam National Medical ComplexEastern ProvinceDammam138434090
1400011810Taib Saudi Company Ltd.RiyadhRiyadh920033271
200009163Speedy Recovery CompanyMeccaJeddah920033059
1400005491Curative Care CompanyRiyadhRiyadh112071224
1007Gama HospitalEastern ProvinceAl Khobar138590024
1371Saudi German Hospital-DammamEastern ProvinceDammam138016000
1019Almana Hospital KhobarEastern ProvinceAl Khobar920033440
140011989ALBAIT Home CareRiyadhRiyadh920008102
1167Algharb Specialist Hospital[سمر1] RiyadhRiyadh115259999
1365Al-Sharq Medical Company Limited Hospital Al-Khobar BranchEastern ProvinceAl Khobar115259999
1156Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital - Al RayyanRiyadhRiyadh115259999
1270Sehat Al Suwaidi Medical Company HospitalRiyadhRiyadh115259999
17892Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical GroupRiyadhRiyadh115259999
1147Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital - BuraydahAl-QassimBuraydah115259999
1372Specialized Medical Center Hospital King Fahd RoadRiyadhRiyadh114343800
1023Specialized Medical Center Hospital King Fahd RoadRiyadhRiyadh114343800
1003Saudi German HospitalRiyadhRiyadh112685555
18004Shoaa Medical ComplexRiyadhRiyadh114964455
18003Al Wattan Medical Complex 2RiyadhRiyadh114964455
18002Al Wattan Medical Complex 1RiyadhRiyadh114588444
1058Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian CityRiyadhRiyadh115620000
18882Medical Healing Technology ComplexRiyadhRiyadh920011696
1303Saudi German Hospitals HailHailHail165411111
1182Salamat HospitalHailHail165888888
18601Ryan Middle clinicsHailHail165888888
18291Salamat Medical ComplexHailHail165888888
17939Al Saher PolyclinicHailHail165888888
1014Saudi German Hospital JeddahMeccaJeddah122606000

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Al Faraby Medical Center - Dammam

Eastern ProvinceDammam138420909
1031al yousif hospital for medical services al khobarEastern ProvinceAl Khobar138642751
1321Dr. Samir Abbas Medical CenterMeccaJeddah126187777
1085Al Hayath National Hospital Khamis MushaitAseer ProvinceKhamis Mushait172334444
1172Al Hayat National Hospital JizanJazan ProvinceJazan173311111
1005Saudi German Hospital Aseer Aseer ProvinceKhamis Mushait172355000
1400006807SANAR digital healthcareRiyadhRiyadh114544446
1001Riyadh Care HospitalRiyadhRiyadh114377777
1028National Medical Care CompanyRiyadhRiyadh114377777
1400012124Health center for all medicalRiyadhRiyadh112077781
1004Mouwasat Hospital DammamEastern ProvinceDammam138200000
1075Al Hayat National HospitalAl-QassimUnayzah920000094
1400011731Nala Al Sharq Company LimitedRiyadhRiyadh114005738
1048Al Hayat National Hospital in RiyadhRiyadhRiyadh114455555
1009MOUWASAT HOSPITAL JubailEastern ProvinceAl Jubail133490000
1132Procare HospitalEastern ProvinceAl Khobar 138955900
18644Aspect of Medical Care ComplexMeccaMecca 125301155
1141Almoosa Specialist HospitalEastern ProvinceAl-Hasa 135369666
19044Nahdi Care ClinicMeccaJeddah 122283393
1065Saudi German Hospital Al-Madinah AlmonawaraMedinaMedina 148406000
1400012323 Medicine House Company for Health ServicesRiyadhRiyadh 8001240221
1080International Medical CenterMeccaJeddah 126509000
1148Health Services Program at the Royal Commission in JubailEastern ProvinceAl Jubail 133464603
1074Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al Mishari HospitalRiyadhRiyadh 114657700
1189Al Salam Health Medical Hospital - RiyadhRiyadhRiyadh 112222211
1400012148The innovative platform company (Mawdy) for tele-care and telemedicineRiyadhRiyadh 550077001
4800011559Labiya Medical Care ComplexMedinaMedina 920033492
1400005849Integrative Medicine LLCRiyadhRiyadh920027299
2600011527Ihayaat Alwarifat Company LimitedMeccaJeddah 920003702
1400012373Alrieayat lmutamayizat Information Technology CompanyRiyadhRiyadh920029982
3800015432 Al Mutamayez Medical Care CompanyEastern Province Dammam 138330013
Masdar Al-Taibi Telecom CompanyRiyadhRiyadh

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Laan Platform Co

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Labayh Health Care

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